Mobil Menüyü Kapat
TGR MARBLE has been able to announce its name as a global brand in the field of marble export together with its domestic and foreign partners since the day it was founded.TGR MARBLE is one of the basic policies of TGR MARBLE to provide quality and fast service to its customers with its expert staff in its field.TGR MARBLE, 4 marble quarry in-house, and Turkey in the form of raw blocks from approximately 15 different marble quarries in various regions; It supplies Onyx, Marble, Travertine and Mocha and exports it to China, India, Egypt, Vietnam, Italy and many other countries of the world.Our company, which aims to expand its export range from the first day, has gained a respectable place in the export sector with its "Integrity, Continuity and Quality Principle" while continuing its investments in this direction.TGR MARBLE, which has established long-term collaborations with service experience in the foreign market, will continue to grow without compromising the principles it believes in.
In the sector where continuity is essential, firstly quality and continuous supply of the products offered is under the guarantee and guarantee of our company.